Limousine Bus – Sapa to Ha Giang – 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM


Limousine Bus: Sapa to Ha Giang – A Journey of Comfort and Elegance

Begin your day with an exquisite journey from the lush landscapes of Sapa to the stunning vistas of Ha Giang in our luxurious Limousine Bus. Departing at 7:30 AM and arriving by 4:00 PM, travel in unparalleled comfort and style, making every moment on the road an experience in itself.

Exclusive Travel Experience:

  • Timely Departure: Set off early at 7:30 AM to make the most of your day, enjoying the serene morning views as you depart from Sapa.
  • Elegant Comfort: Our Limousine Bus is equipped with plush, reclining leather seats, ensuring maximum comfort for the duration of your journey. With ample legroom and personalized climate control, we promise a ride like no other.
  • Intimate Setting: With limited seating, our service offers an intimate and quiet environment, ideal for those who prefer a more personal travel experience.