Standard Sleeping Bus – Cat Ba Island to Ha Giang – 3:00 PM


Standard Sleeping Bus: Cat Ba Island to Ha Giang – Journey Beyond the Horizons

Leave the idyllic shores of Cat Ba Island behind as you embark on a voyage to the breathtaking landscapes of Ha Giang with our Standard Sleeping Bus. Departing at 3 PM, our service bridges the distance between sea and mountains, inviting you to enjoy the scenery before drifting into a restful night’s sleep.

Your Tranquil Transit:

  • Ideal Departure: Set off in the afternoon at 3 PM, giving you a morning to cherish the island life before beginning your travel.
  • Sleeping Sanctuary: Our bus is equipped with cozy sleeper berths, soft bedding, and a calm atmosphere, providing the perfect setting for relaxation and slumber.
  • Steady Journey: Navigate the roads with ease, as our bus is designed for a smooth and safe trip, ensuring a restful night.