Standard Sleeping Bus – Ha Giang to Cat Ba Island – 8:00 PM


Standard Sleeping Bus: Ha Giang to Cat Ba Island – Rest as You Return

As evening descends on the rugged terrain of Ha Giang, prepare to board our Standard Sleeping Bus for a serene return to the coastal charm of Cat Ba Island. With a nightly departure at 8 PM, our service is perfectly timed for you to unwind after a day of adventure, enveloping you in comfort as you journey through the night.

Restful Retreat:

  • Night Departure: Leave the highlands at 8 PM, and travel in nocturnal peace, ensuring a full day’s experience in Ha Giang before you depart.
  • Comfortable Berths: Our bus is fitted with inviting sleeping berths, complete with cushioned mattresses and clean bedding, encouraging a good night’s sleep.
  • Stable Voyage: Trust in the quiet steadiness of our bus as you sleep, designed to deliver a smooth and secure travel experience.