Standard Sleeping Bus – Ha Giang to Ha Long Bay – 8:00 PM


Standard Sleeping Bus: Ha Giang to Ha Long Bay – Slumber into the Scenery

When the day winds down in the highland serenity of Ha Giang, our Standard Sleeping Bus awaits to whisk you away to the iconic Ha Long Bay. With a convenient 8 PM departure, you can savor an entire day of exploration before reclining into the comforts of our well-appointed sleeper bus.

Nocturnal Comfort:

  • Evening Departure: Departing at 8 PM, our service aligns with the night, ensuring you can make the most of your time in Ha Giang before embarking on a restful journey.
  • Restful Berths: Our bus features individual sleeping berths, complete with comfy mattresses and soft linens, setting the stage for a sound sleep.
  • Tranquil Transit: Experience the smooth ride as you drift off, with the peace of mind that comes from traveling on a bus designed for stability and serenity.