Standard Sleeping Bus – Ninh Binh to Ha Giang – 5:00 PM


Standard Sleeping Bus: Ninh Binh to Ha Giang – Journey with Ease

Embark on a smooth voyage from the tranquil rice fields of Ninh Binh to the stunning landscapes of Ha Giang with our Standard Sleeping Bus. Our reliable service departs at 5 PM, catering to those who want to rest through the night and awaken in the beauty of northern Vietnam.

Comfortable Transit:

  • Departure Time: A single evening departure at 5 PM lets you maximize your day in Ninh Binh before settling in for a night of restful travel.
  • Sleeping Comforts: Our bus is equipped with cozy berths, clean bedding, and gentle lighting, ensuring you get a good night’s sleep en route to your destination.
  • Tranquil Journey: Glide through the night with our quiet and smooth service, waking up refreshed and ready to explore Ha Giang’s wonders.